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Is trhe Tide Turning Against The New Normal

by Ian R Thorpe,November 8th, 2021

The winter 'flu season is upon us and that means the usual seasonal hysteria about the need to get vaccinated will be unleashed, again multiplied to the power of ten as the threat posed by what is for most of us a minor but inconvenient illness is linked to the similarly minor risk of COVID, the virus that has reduced the world to chaos for the past two years without killing very many people. toxic

Official figures show that COVID is not a serious threat unless you are very old, very sick or both, and recent news from Italy, where the official COVID death toll was recently reduced by 97% by eliminating all the fraudulent jiggery pokery used to inflate the death toll statistics and pump up the hysteria.

That’s right, as this blog has been telling you for the past two years, the pandemic of fear has little to do with any deadly virus, and the push to make us all accept injection with a shot of toxic shite that is not actually a vaccine because it does not confer immunity on those injected with it, (but may have serious, long term side effects though we are not allowed to discuss that,) it is the season for the global-capitalist ruling classes to whip the New Normal masses into a state of mindless mass hysteria over the imaginary apocalypse that they have used as an excuse to cancel Christmas for the last two years.

The vast majority of the Western world has been browbeaten into a  state of medieval serfdom by a pseudo - medical tyranny which demands we show your “vaccine - status papers” to access basic public amenities, attend theatres or sports events or go shopping. And yet the vaccines we are being bullied into accepting not only fail to provide immunity to the rebranded winter 'flu, they also do not prevent vaccinated people passing the virus on to other vaccinated people.

People who refuse to get experimentally “vaccinated” against a virus that causes mild-to-moderate symptoms (or, often, no symptoms whatsoever) in about 95% of the infected, and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%, are being systematically segregated, stripped of their jobs, denied medical treatment, demonized as “a danger to society,” censored, fined, and otherwise persecuted in a scenario resembling the plot of the 1970s Donald Sutherland film Invasion of the Body Snatchers..

If you are thinking this souds like a but of anti - vaxxer hysteria generation take a look at the headline on this front page story from the Brisbane, Australia Courier - Mail newspaper…


Since the vaccine roll out began Australia, rather surprisingly for a country whose citizens have a reputation for being independent and having a healthy contempt for authority, has led the charge towards vaccine fascism, but it looks as if the neo - Nazi the Great New Normal Purge is on and the vaccine refusniks are the new Jews. “The Unvaccinated” and other infidels and heretics are being hunted by fanatical, hate mobs, dragged before the New Normal Inquisition, fired from jobs, excluded from social activity and made into pariahs all around the world.

In New Normal Germany, where outgoing leaders Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel has never been averse to a bit of authoritarianism when she needed to bring the masses to heel, popular footballer Joshua Kimmich is being publicly hung drawn and quartered for refusing to submit to being “vaccinated” and profess his faith in the New Normal World Order.A similar fate has befallen NFL footballer Aaron Rodgers is being hounded by the mob, even though he has contracted COVID (well, tested positive which is not quite the same thing as the test gives 80% false positives,) recoverred within a few days and now has better and longer lasting immunity that any of the vaccines provide.

Also n the USA, “the Unvaccinated” stand accused of murdering Colin Powell, an 84-year-old, cancer-ridden war criminal although as stated above, an unvaccinated person is no more likely to pass on the infection than a fully vacc.inated one as the 'vaccine' does not immunise.

Australia (uber alles?) is planning to imprison people and fine them $90,000 for the “crime” of not wearing a medical-looking mask, or attempted worship at a synagogue, or whatever. Another familiar tactic of the hysteria merchants is the pious emotional blackmail: we should show respect for the COVID dead by not questioning the difference between dying OF COVID and dying WITH COVID or speculating irresponsibly on social media about the effectiveness of the vaccines. This reminds one of the immense non-sequitur after 9/11 when one angry defender of the official account objected to the “truthers” by saying, “Don’t you know nearly three thousand people died that day?”

But what could be more respectful to the dead that to inquire into how they died? And what could be more disrespectful than to pervert the facts of their demise to serve a political agenda?

 It is also noteworthy that, just as some deaths are “hushed up” from the start, there are others loudly trumpeted but which then suspiciously vanish e.g. four year old Kali Cook from Galveston County, Texas, who died “of COVID”, this being blasted over all the media as proof that children are at risk and must be vaccinated with the clotshot as mainstream media fell over themselves trying to outdo each other in sensationalising this sad little story. But then there was a small headline  on the inner pages suggesting we don’t jump to conclusions till the autopsy. After which – nothing!

In Florida fanatical school staff tied a medical-looking mask to the face of a non-verbal Downs-syndrome girl with nylon cord, day after day, for over six weeks, until her father discovered what they were doing, proving once again that COVID derangement syndrome is a far more serious disease than COVID. Or maybe that you have to be stark raving bonkers to become a schoolteacher these days. However it has been encoraging to see that the story, once it was brokenm in alt_media has received fairly widespread coverage and drawn attention to they extreme actions of those who have signed up to the pandemic of fear.

The Internet is brimming with examples of similar cruel, sadistic and irrational behaviour by the vaccinated towards people who have refused vaccination. This alone should convince the unthinking herd creatures that there is something very strange going on. If you are vaccinated and the vaccines work, as our governments and medical professionals insist they do, why has any vaccinated person anything to fear from the unvaccinated.  If the vaccinated can get the vaccine from unvaccinated people (or other vaccinated people for that matter,) what is the point of being vaccinated.

The situation had to become too crazy to remain credible and there are signs even journalists working for far left news organisations are starting to smell a rat.

In a fascinating thread on Twitter two of the major CNN stars tentatively admitted that their rhetorical posture — everyone who dissents in any way from our decrees is racist and/or stupid — is alienating and ugly, but they didn’t realize this because they live in an “echo chamber” of like-minded liberals:

“Voters are being brow-beaten in being told they’re voting for racists. People do not believe that about themselves and do not believe that America is full of the hateful kind of people that McAuliffe & Biden told us Virginia was full of”

Van Jones: “Democrats are coming across as annoying and offensive and out-of-touch. I think there is a message here.”

Anderson Cooper. “It seems annoying to a lot of people”

The CNN thing is not explicitly about Covid or vaccines, but it is explicitly about a crisis of credibility for the mass media’s pundits, experts and pseudoscientists - on the pandemic, climate change, Chinese expansionism, the supply chain crisis etc..

Are mainstream media looking at their falling numbers and the likely knock on effect on revenue and responding to the public mood instead of trying to manipulate opinion? we starting to sense a shift here?

Besides the global rejection of the contrived COVID crisis, the smell of blood in the water over COP26 is attracting the attention of the media sharks who know their paying customers are fed up of endless repetition of propaganda narratives.

COP 26 failed when Xi announced he wasn’t attending, then Putin, then Modi of India walked in with a demand for $1tn or he’s not playing ball. This followed 22 smaller nations presenting US ambassador to the United Nations, John  Kerry with a bill for $750bn in unpaid money, promised over decades of COP promises of funds to help India clean up its act on CO2 emissions. To top it off 55 other countries are demanding money with menaces, threatening to abandon any further pretence of saving the planet by stifling their countries growth and sacrificing prosperity at the alter of the god Net Zero.

Boris had to travel to Westminster to face the Tory big guns of David Davis, Steve Baker, Graham Brady and Ian Duncan Smith, who have emerged at spokesmen for a large group of Conservative MPs who are appalled at the government's willingness to embrace the political philosophy of Cultural Marxism and to bypass parliament and rule by authoritarian decree. All of the aforementioned have already published media articles criticizing theohnson cabinet's NetZero policy. The dissent is likely to have have grown into a rebellion against the Prime Minister during his Glasgow sjourn.

COP26 was never going to be anything but a taxpayer funded jolly for tax - eaters and a chance for billionaires like Amazon's Jeff Bezos to show off their private jets even as they lecture the rest of us on how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint, no matter what sacrifices must be made both as individuals or communities. The low hanging fruit of the climate change effort was grabbed on day one with announcements of halting and reversing deforestation, promises that have been made in the past and never fulfilled.

There will be no meaningful decisions made, no significant agreements signed, no consensus on how to halt climate change, how can there be, the leader of the biggest emitter of CO2 boycotted the event. Weirdie - beardies will preach of the need to ban the internal combustion engine and switch to driving pimped up golf trolleys in spite of its becoming blatantly obvious that not only is there insufficient reserves of essential materials to make a set of batteries for the electric replacement for every vehicle currently on the road, but that control of most sources of these essential materials lies in the hands of 'difficult nations' such as China, Russia and their client states.

Biden’s £3.5Tn New Green Deal is already in trouble in Congress, and now Republicans are doing well in the US in local elections. If Biden doesn’t change course quickly on that and covid, when the 2022 midterms come round, he’ll wonder where all his support went, if he even notices.

Were there ever a covid crisis or a climate crisis, you can be sure this is it. The tipping point has been reached and political heads may well roll unless there is some enthusiastic back-pedalling. And you can bet we won’t be seeing much of XR and IB on the streets of the UK for much longer, they will only serve as an embarrassment to Boris.

It is, the perfect storm and it might yet sink The Great Reset, The New Normal and the push to establish a global authoritarian government.


Monday, 14 March 2022

Reports On The Ukranian Crisis Are Bollocks - Ukraine Is Not The Good Guy


On February 20th of 2014 the world was shocked by video footage of snipers firing on protesters in Kiev Ukraine. Twenty one people were murdered, and it was widely assumed that President Victor Yanukovich and his supporters were behind the attacks. However a phone conversation between EU foreign policy chief Cathy Ashton and Estonia’s foreign minister Urmas Paet leaked to the public on March 5th reveals that the snipers in were actually from the new coalition government, and that Western diplomats knew this and covered it up.

This report and embedded audio will provide evidence that the crimes against humanity committed in Kiev earlier this year were in fact committed by the new coalition government (puppet - masters of Zelenskyy the Clown,) and that officials in the E.U. and the United States knew full well who committed these crimes and that they are protecting and financially supporting the real criminals. But that phone call went on for quite a long time so here's a transcript of the most damning section.

 Urmas Paet: “All the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among police men and people in the street, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides.”
Cathy Ashton: “Well that’s, yeah…”
Urmas Paet: “And she also showed me some photos and she said that has medical doctor, she can say that it is the same handwriting…”
Cathy Ashton: “Yeah…”
Urmas Paet: “Same type of bullets… and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened. So that there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition.”

For some reason mainstream media in the USA, European Union and NATO allies did not think the crimes of the US / NATO puppet regime were worth covering, in the same way as that have decided the thousands of deaths and serious illnesses related to COVID vaccines were not worth bringing to out attention.

Instead of reporting the truth about the Ukrainian regime western deep state  propaganda agencies spun an official narrative to be peddled corporate media that the new government were peaceful activists who only wanted a chance to join the European Union.

The real story is much more ominous. Far from being supporters of Yanukovich, it turns out that the snipers were working for the new government, most powerful and influential contingent of which is a coalition of self - confessed fascists and Neo-Nazis, and they aren’t peaceful. In fact they are extremely brutal.

Here is a recording of the leaked call between Ashton and Paet:

The most prominent among these groups is an organization called Svoboda. The Svoboda party which traces its roots to the Ukrainian partisan army of World War II, was loosely allied with Nazi Germany. Until 2004, Svoboda had been called the Social-Nationalist Party, a deliberate reference to the National Socialism of the Nazis.

We’re not throwing the term Neo-Nazi around as an empty slur here. The leader of Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok, has openly targeted Jews and ethnic Russians in Ukraine for many years. In 2004 he was kicked out of Viktor Yushenko’s government for a speech calling for Ukrainians to fight against a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia”, and in 2005 he signed his name to an open letter to the leadership of Ukraine entitled “Stop the Criminal Activities of Organised Jewry”.

And none of this was a secret. The BBC was already reporting on the danger that Svoboda’s rise posed back in 2012, and the EU passed a resolution that same year condemning Svoboda, as “racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic”. Yet somehow the U.S. government thought it was appropriate to back these extremists.

Above are two pictures of Victoria Nuland from the U.S. State Department meeting with Oleh Tyahnybok. (Picture: Stormclouds gathering

Why would the U.S. government work with Neo-Nazis?

Because they thought they could control the situation. They thought they could install their puppets behind the scenes and manipulate the situation in their favor.

This isn’t just speculation. That same Victoria Nulland who met with Svoboda in February was caught in another leaked phone call discussing who would they would put in power.

The U.S. government thought they could control this beast from recent history, but they were wrong. Svoboda and the Right Sektor are not toys to be played with. These groups are armed, they’re forceful, and they view this crisis as an opportunity to reshape Ukraine into the kind of tyranny their heroes from the fist half of the 20th century envisaged for the whole of Europe.

Apparently the U.S. government has woen up to the fact that their new best friends in Ukraine are not nice people, but instead of distancing themselves that are trying to cover up their stupidity and gullibility. In March a senior U.S. official told Reuters that “Since entering the Ukrainian Parliament in October 2012, the Svoboda leadership has been working to take their party in a more moderate direction and to become a modern, European mainstream political party, The leadership has been much more vigilant about expelling or otherwise punishing individual members who engage in xenophobic behavior or rhetoric.”


So it’s ok to use known Neo-Nazi groups to topple a government as long as their leaders keep their people from saying anything stupid in front of cameras for a few months? The reality of the matter is that as ridiculous as this assertion makes Washington look, they are trapped. They can’t deny that Svoboda and the Right Sektor are running the coalition government when Svoboda holds five senior posts including the deputy prime minister position and the Right Sektor’s Dmytro Yarosh is now the country’s Deputy Secretary of National Secy.

But what about that dramatic video “I am a Ukrainian” that went viral as this crisis was unfolding. It was so compelling, so heart wrenching. Yeah, but who made it? Did you notice the link in the description? Awhispertoaroar… who are these people? Oh look, a link in the description. Let’s click it. They have a website and a behind the scenes section. Oh it list the film makers. Who’s this here? Larry Diamond, inspiration and executive producer. He’s also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Endowment for Democracy and an advisor for the U.S. State Department. You know the funny thing about the National Endowment for Regime Change Democracy is that even though they call themselves an NGO they get virtually all of it’s money from the U.S. federal government. You can verify this by downloading their annual financial disclosures. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the NED has been pouring massive amounts of money into Ukraine to “strengthen democracy and civil society”?

That sound nice doesn’t it? Democracy… civil society. Of course by now you’ve realized that when they talk about spreading democracy what they really mean is regime change, and they are willing to work with the most despicable elements when it’s expedient.

It’s exactly the same game they played in Syria. The U.S. government funded known extremists, literal terrorist organizations who have been documented massacring whole towns. They gave them money, they gave them weapons, and even after those extremists used sarin gas on thousands of civilians and got caught by the U.N., Washington still covered for them. Even to this day they are still funding those murderers, they are still training them, and they are still sending them weapons. There’s a word for this kind of activity: state backed terrorism.

But the situation in Ukraine didn’t unfold as planned. The parliament of Crimea, in the South of Ukraine voted to secede, and they are putting the decision up for a public referendum. The U.S. claims that this referendum is “unconstitutional” and says they won’t recognize Crimea’s decision as legitimate regardless of the outcome. So a foreign backed Neo-Nazi coup is constitutional, but a declaration of independence placed to a general vote is not? Seriously? That’s the best you guys can do? Who writes these scripts?






Has The Green Blob's War On Fossil Fuels Been Lost On The Battlefields Of Ukraine
With some energy sector opinion makers already pronouncing the 'net zero' agenda is already dead as oil and gas supplies from Russia dry up due to NATO / EU sanctions and Moscow's retaliatory export bans which have only been in force a week at the most, governments in the liberal democracies of Europe and North America are already talking about starting up redundant coal and nuclear power stations, the UK, Netherlands and other nations with offshore gas operations in the North Sea are suddenly finding that it may now be economically viable to start pumping again and (whisper it ever so quietly,) coal is coming back into the reckoning as an energy source ...

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All Vaccinated People With Severe COVID-19 Had at Least 1 Risk Factor: CDC Study

 We bring you news of research by the US Centre For Disease Control via in its entirity because we feel it is something our mainly British and European readership need to be aware of. It is likely that after a few days in which we will research further information on this theme from Israel, Germany, France, Sweden and India this article will be replaced by a far more wide ranging piece on the failure of the vaccines to protect those who needed protection. Until then we hop the site managers of resistthemainsteam are not offended by our use of their material.

All Vaccinated People With Severe COVID-19 Had at Least 1 Risk Factor: CDC Study

January 7, 2022