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The Secret Cabal Within A Government Agency Who Decide What Information You Mat Have Access To

Throughout the pandemic this blog and its sibling publications have been doing our best to expose the official narrative on Coronavirus, Lockdowns, Masking and vaccinations as bollocks. Like the rest of the resistance movement in alt_media we knew we were up against the powerful forces of globalism and corporatism, the vast resources of the business communities and the influence of academic institutions and media. But unless we can convince enough people to wake up, question everything and discover that modern neo - liberal thinking is all bollocks civilisation is lost.

Ofcom A Group Within A Group Decided For Themselves What You Could See And Hear With Covid 19

This is a story of how a secretive Ofcom team ‘off-aired’ the questioning of ‘official’ Covid-19 rules, this small number of unnamed bureaucrats make Orwell’s Big Brother sound tame.

Some 18 months after the Coronavirus hit our shores, we are beginning to see signs that the authorised Covid narratives are finally being questioned by our media. In today’s Sunday Telegraph, for example, a scientist advising SAGE on ventilation requirements in supermarkets has openly ridiculed the wearing of face masks, describing them as no more than “comfort blankets” that do little to reduce the spread of Covid particles. (See below.) It will be interesting to see if Dr Axon is invited onto the BBC to discuss this.

TODAY I turn my own High Definition cameras onto Ofcom, the independent Government agency that controls what we can all see and hear on our televisions and radios and what they pick up is a scandal of epic proportions.

First of all, about Ofcom and Covid

Ofcom says: “We make sure viewers and listeners are protected from harmful or offensive material on TV, radio and on-demand.” Yeah right LOL You could have fooled me with the absolute filth we see on our screens.

However, we are getting off point.

Since the arrival of Covid-19, Ofcom has given itself the task of controlling all Covid content and it immediately made it clear that only the official narrative was expected from broadcasters. It has produced a total of five Covid-specific bulletins, issued an unspecified number of letters to broadcasters, has conducted nine investigations of ‘harmful content’, and has imposed statutory sanctions on seven programmes.

Eamonn Holmes fell foul of Ofcom, as the regulator put down a strong marker early on

In a sign of the level of Covid control that would be exerted by Ofcom on broadcasters, the alarm bells will have gone off in newsrooms across the country when the respected broadcaster Eamonn Holmes was chastised by Ofcom for making what most people would consider a perfectly reasonable comment on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme.

On 13 April 2020, Eamonn Holmes briefly responded to comments from ITV’s Consumer Editor Alice Beer ridiculing what she described as fake news. He said. “The only thing I would say, I totally agree with everything you are saying but what I don’t accept is mainstream media immediately slapping that down as not true when they do not know it’s not true.

No one should attack or damage or do anything like that. But it is very easy to say it is not true because it suits the state narrative. That’s all I would say as someone with an enquiring mind.”

Mr Holmes was forced to retract the following day, to head off an official sanction from Ofcom.

Ofcom went ahead with its investigation anyway. Whilst it could not find that its rules had actually been broken, it criticised Mr Holmes anyway on 20 April, saying.

We considered that his statement had the potential to cause harm because it could have undermined people’s trust in the views being expressed by the authorities on the Coronavirus and the advice of mainstream sources of public health information.”

On a personal level regarding Eamonn Holmes, Ofcom said.

“In Ofcom’s view, Eamonn Holmes’ intervention was therefore particularly ill-judged.”

Ofcom Assessment Decision, 20 Apr 2020.

Ofcom’s Covid bulletins and the secret team that decides what you can watch

Ofcom has issued five Covid Bulletins in the last 18 months. The only Bulletin with any mention of actual Covid content is the first one, on 23 March 2020. All others reference the material available on the Ofcom website here.

  1. Coronavirus update to broadcast licensees (PDF, 217.9 KB), №424, 12 Apr 2021

2. Coronavirus further update (PDF, 208.0 KB), №414, 09 Nov 2020

3. Coronavirus further update (PDF, 309.0 KB), №403, 26 May 2020

4. Coronavirus further update (PDF, 239.9 KB), №401, 27 Apr 2020

5 Coronavirus (PDF, 198.6 KB), №399, 23 Mar 2020

Ofcom’s control of content comes under what they call its Standards and Audience Protection (“SAP”) Team. The SAP Team sits within the Broadcasting and Online Content Group. In answer to a Freedom of Information request on 30 October 2020, Ofcom declined to say who is in the SAP team, nor did it give any indication of how many they are, and nor did it provide any information about the qualifications for getting this role.

Meanwhile in the print media, here are excerpts from the Telegraph article ridiculing face masks

Dr Colin Axon, who has advised the government on minimising the risk of cross-infection in supermarkets, accused medics of presenting a “cartoonish” view of how tiny particles travel through the air. He warned some cloth masks that have gaps that are invisible to the naked eye but are 500,000 times the size of viral Covid particles.

“The small sizes are not easily understood but an imperfect analogy would be to imagine marbles fired at builders’ scaffolding. Some might hit a pole and rebound, but obviously, most will fly through,”

As told to The Telegraph. The full article is available here (paywalled).

Television — and to a lesser extent radio — still exerts a considerable influence over people’s lives. It remains, despite the Internet, most people’s primary source of news each day. It is therefore perhaps reasonable to say that some basic standards are desirable and that there should be some form of control to ensure the public can access good quality news programming.

This, however, is a very long way from what Ofcom has been doing, particularly since Covid appeared. It seems that Ofcom decided very early on that only the official, orthodox version of the Covid story should be broadcast. It underlined this in the high profile report it made on Eamonn Holmes, a respected and much-loved presenter and journalist. If that didn’t alert news executives not to go near anything questioning the Government and NHS orthodoxy, I would be very surprised.

In Eamonn’s case, all he did was to say that alternative views and reports should not be slapped down out of hand. Another way of putting this is that Eamonn Holmes simply re-stated the job of every journalist — to question and report. Something I have noticed very few do now. I would say most of the ones we see just report what they are told to report.

Eamonn, old son, there’s no question that you were right and Ofcom was wrong

Sadly, Ofcom only seems to agree with the “no question” part. It does not agree with questioning the official narrative. Despite all the worthy and woolly words on its website about freedom of speech, Ofcom clearly does not believe in it.

Ofcom specifically cautions against broadcasting any words that “do not align with the advice of the NHS or other public health authorities, and statements that seek to question or undermine the advice of public health bodies on the Coronavirus, or otherwise undermine people’s trust in the advice of mainstream sources of information about the disease.”

Ofcom brings to mind the late Henry Ford’s classic statement on his early car production models. You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black”. Mr Ford’s policy suited the earliest days of mass automotive production over a century ago. I suggest it is wholly inappropriate for the nuanced world of news reporting in the 21st Century.

For Ofcom — the statutory regulatory authority for broadcasting in the United Kingdom — to determine that only the official line on Covid should be followed and broadcast, and that effectively it should not be questioned, is a disgrace. The irony, of course, is that no broadcaster would run a report like the one above. They will be far too worried about upsetting their controllers at Ofcom’s HQ at Southwark Bridge Road, London.

I will end by asking you all a simple question. Is it right that a few unnamed bureaucrats effectively have their hands on your remote control?

[ Sources: Ofcom ]





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Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP's conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

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Thursday, 22 July 2021

Vaccine passports are a conspiracy against freedom

 Turning Britain into a 'papers please' society is a slippery slope that ought to worry us all

For almost the whole of the past twelve months, as we poor, downtrodden ordinary mortals have struggled to hold on to our sanity through months of house arrest and wave after wave of project fear propaganda aimed at scaring us into getting vaccines that may kill us but will not make us immune to a disease which will not kill us unless we are older than Methusala and have more diseases than a medical dictionary. Many of us felt the government we elected to serve us had turned its back on its benefactors and dedicated itself to boosting the profits of the Big Pharma cartel and vaccine makers like Pfizer.  spite of government

Eventually the vaccine roll out began, and in spite of government ludicrous government claims that take up of the vaccine was almost 100%, the public response was a long way short of wildly enthusiastic which is why the government  resorted in turn to even more ridiculous levels of scaremongering, bribery, coercion, peer pressure and finally outright bullying to force the determinedly sceptical to accept the killer vaccine (right now, in July 2021, if you are reasonably fit and have no long term heath problems such as diabetes yor chances of dying from the vaccine are greater than of dying from COVID.

As one of their coercive tactics earlier this year the government had threatened to introduce "vaccine passports", digital documents which we would have to present in order to gain entry to sports stadiums, music venues, theatres and cinemas and even pubs, thus ghettoizing the unvaccinated. This was not the first echo if Aktion T4, the genetic cleansing programme introduced in 1930s Germany during the course of this pandemic.

Half the government took against this illiberal, undemocratic and downright fascistic idea and were at pains to quash rumours that domestic vaccine passports would ever feature in English daily life. Again and again, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi ruled out the introduction of a system he branded “discriminatory”. “That’s not how we do things. We do them by consent,” he said back in February.

Prime Minister Johnson dismissed the idea too too, before inserting the mandate into his risibly named “Freedom Day” address, delivered from his official country residence, Chequers while he was self isolating having been pinged by the NHS' far from infallible Track and Trace app which detected he had been within spitting distance of someone who had had a cold (another coronavirus variant) in the past 20 years or something. From September, double vaccination would be required to enter nightclubs and other “crowded events”. “Proof of a negative test will no longer be enough.” It also proved that his Government’s aims now stretch beyond merely “protecting” the NHS during a pandemic and into the realm of long-term coercive control,  of the entire population in the style made popular by Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot to name but a few.

Those who warned against vaccine passports; whether on grounds of discrimination, ethics or practicality, were repeatedly told not to worry, that the whole thing was a madcap conspiracy theory. Even now, many are convinced the move will never happen – it’s just a bluff to get the young double-vaccinated, copying Emmanuel Macron’s interventions in France.

In order to implement this policy, the Government must know that it would encounter serious resistance from Parliament, plus legal challenges from various libertarian pressure groups. An unholy alliance of far left, extreme right and dead centre pressure groups oppose the idea; Corbynites, Greens, Lib Dems rank and file Tories and most significantly perhaps, Nigel Farage, the most successful political campaigner we have seen in the past 30 years.. There is even a growing faction of Conservative backbench Members of Parliament led by former leader Iain Duncan Smith determined to vote down the plan. These people, the nearest thing we have to an official opposition as Kier Starmer's Labour Party continues trying to pull off the trick of simultaneously sitting on the fence and riding two horses with one arse. The Conservative COVID sceptics have supported the Government so far; but only on the understanding that things like domestic Covid passes wouldn’t happen. So ministers may never follow through on this cynical ultimatum for fear on seing Boris booted out of office by his own party

But what an appalling way to run a country; lying to the public, treating them less as rational citizens than credulous lab rats to be “nudged” (or coerced or bulllied) by the biggest pstop the world has ever witnessed, into compliance. It may achieve short-term aims, but at a price: the erosion of trust.

If however, and ministers really intend to push this policy through – and previous examples of governments not so much moving the goalposts as relocating the entire fucking stadium suggest we should take this rush towards fascism seriously because the consequences are unthinkable. For the first time ever in a democracy, we would be granting domestic privileges based on a kind of social credit system; transforming the relationship between individuals and the state to that of slave and owner.  Limp - dicked little losers with tablet computers would have total power over every aspect of our lives. Personal liberty would be a folk memory. Everyday activities like shopping or sitting down to have a coffee with friends would become privileges contingent on a complience with an experimental medical procedure. Free association would no longer be a right or a personal choice, but a government-conferred privilege. It would usher in a “papers please” mentality previously unheard of in peacetime.

No 10 has provided worryingly little detail so far suggesting this is another knee jerk raction by those tinplate tyrants on the government's scientific advisory panel, SAGE, but the PM’s intervention raises big questions. How would such a scheme operate, and where would it end? 

History has shown time and again that having snatched powers during an emergency, governments are reluctant to relinquish them, inded it usually requires blood on the streets before the tyrants get the message. It seems highly unlikely that after assembling a vast surveillance and certification infrastructure at great cost, it will simply be dismantled when the “crisis” is over. More likely it would be used for further data gathering and sharing schemes; perhaps even ID cards, something Britain has always resisted.

What would stop it being extended to other health conditions? Once Covid status is relevant, why not other infectious diseases that kill thousands each year, like flu? Will the state, or whichever firms run the app, be able to track our movements? And if so what would be the fate of those who do not have the app installed on their smartphone or do not even have smartphones. 


The existing NHS app already demands personal data with no relevance to users’ vaccination status. How would they protect our privacy, a pertinent question given the NHS’s history of data breaches? Throughout the pandemic, legislation has come into force without debate or parliamentary vote. How quickly this too could become Orwellian, with little proper scrutiny.

It’s a slippery slope. Nightclubs are an easy starting point; young clubbers bopping until dawn will be low priority to most, but once established, the principle will become harder to resist elsewhere. Places of worship, weddings, and busy pubs might not be far behind. Just yesterday Tory minister Paul Scully insisted Covid passes would never be required for pubs, only for No 10 to issue a speedy contradiction, confirming it “hadn’t been ruled out” – so watch this space.

As a low-risk 20-something, I was pleased to get my first jab last month, seeing it as a small (and voluntary) contribution towards herd immunity. But I certainly didn’t do so in order that a small, unvaccinated minority could be excluded from the public sphere or browbeaten into compliance. And to what end? Though vaccines are brilliant at protecting against hospitalisation and death, they are less effective at reducing transmission – hence why some double-vaccinees have since been reinfected. We’d be upending social and public health norms on an illogical premise.

The Government may not be staging some grand conspiracy to turn Britain into a Chinese-style social credit system, zealously monitoring citizens’ behaviour to permit or prohibit basic rights. But sometimes weakness and incompetence can send a country in a similar direction. People may not care about clubs, or the young who frequent them. But they should care about a paradigm shift that undermines all our liberties.


London Freedom Rally:Tens Of Thousands In Trafalgar Square To Protest Against  Covid Passports
As the UK government stepts up its push to introduce vaccines passport which would exclude unvaccinated people from many basic, everyday activities,  huge crowds gathered in London and other UK cities to protest against lockdowns, track and trace apps, coercive measures to force unwilling people to accept experimental vaccines, mask mandates, social distancing and all the other oppressive and fascistic measures imposed by Boris Johnson's authoritarian government in their so far futile campaign to halt a viral illness that only makes ill or kills people who are very old, very ill or both.


Monday, 19 July 2021

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

 via Back to Reason ( backtoreason.medium.com )

Reproduced here in the public interest.

The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought

Back to Reason

Why everyone was wrong

The coronavirus is slowly retreating. What actually happened in the past few weeks? The experts have missed basic connections. The immune response against the virus is much stronger than we thought.

1. A new virus?

2. The fairy tale of no immunity

3. The failure of modellers

4. Immunology of common sense

5. The problem with corona immunity

What now?

Medinside.ch, Beda M Stadler

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