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Have You Committed Your Three Thought Crimes Today?

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a military boot stamping on a human face - forever." - George Orwell, '1984'

Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

As we near the end of the twenty - first century's second decade it seems that the more laws our elected (or appointed,) lawmakers create the more lawless societies in the developed nations become. There are many possible reasons for this. Some sociologists say modern society is a pressure cooker and the stresses of everyday life drive people to crime.

Others suggest that as the gap in lifestyles between the affluent and the poor has widened, those at the lower end of the income scale feel alienated and abandoned by governments with policy platforms that favout the rich and affluent. Yet others cite the decline in meaningful work; while statistical jiggery pokery creates the illusion of low unemployment rates the numbers of people of working age not participating in the economy is higher than ever. The trick used to manipulate figures for public consumption is no secret. In the USA people who have not worked for 99 weeks are classed as not economically active and removed from the pool of people available for work. In Britain the same technique is used, the only difference is you are not 'unpersoned' (to borrow a term from the old Soviet Union politbureau,) until 104 weeks have elapsed since you were last formally employed.

Different numbers apply in other developed nations, but the result is the same. The numbers of people not in work while capable of working is several percentage points higher than stated. Many of those technically not working are, as one might expect, working very hard, in trades such as fences (buying and selling stolen property,) potrepreneurs (dealing marihuana,) working girl (ladies of negotiable affection,) rent boy, bootleggers, fakers, any kind of hustle or even in occupations that would be legitimate if the trader was declaring a six figure income and paying tax, rather than claiming state benefits.

Another aspect of the role of lawmakers in the abundance of laws that have been created, seemingly without thought, so that not only are many of them impossible to police, but also we often find ourselves in the situation of not being able to obey one law without breaking another.  

Several years ago the Commonwealth of Virginia enacted a law limiting individuals to purchasing one gun per month. This was intended to discourage smuggling of weapons to urban areas outside Virginia with tight gun control laws and (unsurprisingly) high homicide rates. The law didn’t seem to do much good and in a rare outbreak of common sense was later repealed, though there’s recent misguided talk from Attorney General Mark Herring of reviving it.

During its short period in force, the law gave rise to a popular saying in the Old Dominion: “Buy one gun a month – it’s the law!”

Such things do not concern us in Britain, where the only way to possess a handgun unless one is a police officer, member of the state security services or a military officer is illegally (and only in special circumstances are people in those categories allowed to keep a hand gun at home). This has meant that the majority of handguns are now owned by criminals. Making gun ownership illegal did not stop criminals owning guns, criminals are expected to break the law - its in their job description.

A similar attitude may be appropriate in light of an estimate that due to vague statutes and the proliferation of both national and supra - national regulations which have the force of law, we wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and go to sleep  unaware we may have committed several federal crimes in the course of the day. The number varies but the average number of crimes per citizen of a developed nation seems to be about three.

The more important point is that every one of us is probably guilty of something. “There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime,” retired Louisiana State University law professor John Baker told the Wall Street Journal in July 2011. That is not an exaggeration. It is probably even higher in Britain and Europe, where the European Union's abandonment of one of the most ancient principles of government makes unwitting criminality even easier.

Since the days of King Alfred the Great of Wessex (reigned 871 - 899) the common law has held that you can do anything that is not specifically forbidden by law. Over the next few centuries most of Europe, as it moved from tribal territories to more formal nation status, adopted much of the Anglo - Saxon common law. And why not, it was straightforward: You can't murder people, you can't steal other people's stuff, you can't set fire to your rival's home, shop or outhouse, you can't use dodgy weights and measures to sell a 100 pound bag of flour that only contains 90 pounds of flour or a quart jug of beer that only contains one and seven eighth pints. Everybody knows where they stand.

If a local law says "only citizens of Wobbleton can catch fish in the River Wobble," and you do not live in Wobbleton, you know the risk if you go fishing in the River Wobble.

Under the European Union approach to law, and they hold this principle in common with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Soviet Russia and Communist China, along with most other nasty, oppressive regimes, "If something is not specifically permitted by law it is illegal to do it."

"Hey you! What do you think you're doing?"
"I saw the pond was frozen so I'm just walking on the ice for fun."
"There's nothing in the statutes that says you can walk on the ice, so you're breaking the law. You're under arrest."
"But I'm only walking on the ice, it's not harming anyone."
"But the law does not permit walking on the ice."
"Well maybe the pond wasn't frozen when they made the law."
"Now you're under arrest for walking on the pond and talking back to a police officer."

At this point the cop draws his gun and shoots you because there is nothing in the law that says public officials have to be intelligent and reasonable. I actually have personal experience of this, while walking through the business district of Luxembourg City with two colleagues 30 years ago, we decided not to wait for a green light before crossing a street. It was after 10 p.m. and the street was deserted as is usually the case in business districts late at night. Unfortunately a cop saw us and accused us of jay - walking.

"Oh come on," we said, "the street is deserted, there was no need to wait for the light."

At that point the cop took our names and addresses and warned us we would be reported. Then he ordered us to go back to the other side of the street and use the crossing correctly. When we protested he drew his gun and we decided that was a conclusive argument.

Such encounters between intelligent individuals and a petit fonctionnaire with a gun are a nightmare familiar to many people in certain parts of the world, but the European Union likes to present itself as a champion of civilised, enlightened values. However, when bureaucratic rules and regulations are formalised in law, the result is inevitable.

What all this means is:
  • If they want you, they can get you.
  • That in turn means that who gets charged, prosecuted, and jailed is a matter of the relevant officials’ discretion.
  • And that in turn means that discretion can and will be politicized.
Like the boychiks of the good ol’ NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs; Народный комиссариат внутренних дел) once said: “Give Us the Man, and We Will Make the Case.” (I guess nowadays, we should say “person,” gender specific pronouns are not permitted by law and thus constitute hate speech)

The true court of law, where justice is administered in a politically neutral manner is few and far between in human history. The norm is politicized justice where holders of power – in a representative democracy system, the winners of the last election – use the justice system as part of their effort to hold on to power.

One of the greatest affronts to the liberties of we who live in societies based on the European culture that grew out of the Graeco - Roman civilisation and the Gothic - Celtic culture has been the hijacking of our principle of free speech by those authoritarian groups who call themselves 'the left.'  In the past few decades we have seen a coordinated campaign of banning certain speakers and suppressing certain ideas by an illiberal ideology known as politically correct thinking.  More recently flitering of internet content, shadow banning of certain writers and podcasetrs and other foul means of  suppressing diversity of opinion has succeeded in putting many dissenting voices into a digital concentration camps. Superficially this seems to be the initiative of megalomaniacal executives on tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and to a lesser extent others, but all of these corporations, especially Google, are known to have very cosy relationships with governments and national security agencies.

Using Russian meddling as a pretext, companies that do billions of dollars of business with the federal government are only too happy to police the web of “suspected Russian-linked accounts” on behalf of government while simultaneously taking money from Russian clients for political advertising campaigns. And since, as Hillary Clinton says, Putin is the leader of the worldwide “authoritarian, white-supremacist, and xenophobic movement” who is “emboldening right-wing nationalists, separatists, racists, and even neo-Nazis,” anything and anybody that fails Mark Zuckerberg’s sniff test is now fair game.

Of more concern than the deplatforming of dissenters and demonization of dissent is the “output” censorship: limiting what web users can see and hear that differs from the official government / mainstream media narrative of approved news and opinion. Unsurprisingly, that line is unfailingly for war and intervention, in fact it was laughable that during the Obama presidency, American  liberals and European socialists, traditional opponents of war and military intervention, became very enthusiastic for Obama's wars "to liberate people from tyrants" (tyrants that the people were happy to live under, knowing the Islamic funny mentalists that replaced the secular dictators would be far worse.)

The switch by these self identified, self righteous 'liberals' has largely been influenced by social media and left dominated mainstream media which between them have created a monoculture in news reporting where objective reporting is routinely dismissed as 'fake News' (There is no evidence of Russian meddling in western elections, or of Syria's Assad regime using chemical weapons, yet from what has been published in the digisphere and mainstream media one would think both these examples of fake news are uncontestable facts.)

In George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984, written in 1948 and based on the distasteful, authoritarian ideology he had been shocked to encounter among the elitist socialists of the Fabian Socity in the 1930s, he envisages a future in which the Big Brother regime maintains order by strictly controlling information, ensuring the public only see news stories that make the regime look good, maintaining total surveillance of everybody through two way surveillance devices dubbed telescreens installed in every home and creating a new category of crime, thought crime, which goes further than banning free speech by punishing people not only for criticising the regime, but for not supporting it enthusiastically enough, or for departing from the official line and thinking for themselves.

Any of that sound familiar.

Whether opposition to the gathering darkness can be effective is uncertain. But what is not uncertain is our duty to oppose it, even at the risk of committing three felonies a day. To paraphrase Karl Marx, “Thought criminals of the world unite, they have taken everything but our brains.”

Be sure to commit your three Thought Crimes per day. 

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Friday, 17 July 2020

Pandemic? It’s all Bollocks – 3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative

Here are a few items from around the web that were not picked up by manistream news broadcasters or publishers. The reason for this is simple, they challenge the globalist narrative about the pandemic and reveal that everything governments, scientists and media have been telling us is bollocks, pure unadulterated bollocks ...


The science of the coronavirus is not disputed. It is well documented and openly admitted:
  • Most people won’t get the virus.
  • Most of the people who get it won’t display symptoms.
  • Most of the people who display symptoms will only be mildly sick.
  • Most of the people with severe symptoms will never be critically ill.
  • And most of the people who get critically ill will survive.
This is borne out by the numerous serological studies which show, again and again, that the infection fatality ratio is on par with flu.
There is no science – and increasingly little rational discussion – to justify the lockdown measures and overall sense of global panic.
Nevertheless, it’s always good to get official acknowledgement of the truth, even if it has to be leaked.
Here are three leaks showing that those in power know that the coronavirus poses no threat, and in no way justifies the lockdown that is going to destroy the livelihoods of so many.

1. “It’s all bullshit!”

On May 26th Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russia’s head of coronavirus information, gave an interview to former-Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak in which he apparently let slip his true feelings.
Believing the interview over, and the camera turned off, Myasnikov said:
It’s all bullshit […] It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality […] Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,”

2. “covid-19 cannot be described as a generally dangerous disease”

According to an e-mail leaked to Danish newspaper Politiken, the Danish Health Authority disagree with their government’s approach to the coronavirus. They cover it in two articles here and here (For those who don’t speak Danish, have covered the story too).
There’s a lot of interesting information there, not least of which is the clear implication that politicians appear to be pressing the scientific advisors to overstate the danger (they did the same thing in the UK), along with the decision of some civil servants to withhold data from the public until after the lockdown had been extended.
But by far the most important quote is from a March 15th e-mail [our emphasis]:
The Danish Health Authority continues to consider that covid-19 cannot be described as a generally dangerous disease, as it does not have either a usually serious course or a high mortality rate,”
On March 12th the Danish parliament passed an emergency law which – among many other things – decreased the power of the Danish Health Authority, demoting it from a “regulatory authority” to just an “advisory” one.

3. “A Global False Alarm”

Earlier this month, on May 9th, a report was leaked to the German alternate media magazine Tichys Einblick titled “Analysis of the Crisis Management”.
The report was commissioned by the German department of the interior, but then its findings were ignored, prompting one of the authors to release it through non-official channels.
The fall out of that, including attacks on the authors and minimising of the report’s findings, is all very fascinating and we highly recommend this detailed report on Strategic Culture (or read the full report here in German).
We’re going to focus on just the reports conclusions, including [our emphasis]:
  • The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
  • The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
  • During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.
After being attacked in the press, and suspended from his job, the leaker and other authors of the report released a joint statement, calling on the government to respond to their findings.

If the current crisis was being approached rationally by all parties, these leaks would seal the debate.
Evidence is piling up that the people in charge knew, from the very beginning, that the virus was not dangerous.
The question remaining is: Why are these leaks happening now?

Obviously, the economic implications of this giant exercise in scaremongering propaganda will turn out to be the most serious consequence of governments' responses to the pandemic, more damaging in fact than the complete loss of trust in government, media and the justice system.

 The loss of legitimacy has made things far more serious for the wannabe global government cabal than the very limited damage that would have accrued had we let this  apparently man - made virus run its course in the same way as we always have with the seasonal 'flu outbreaks .  Two years into the pandemic, just as those effects were making themselves felt in a serious way, fortuitously for the cabal, but perhaps not accidently, we find ourselves in a wholly avoidable conflict with Russia that can be blamed for soaring energy prices, food shortages and supply line problems staving industry of many essential raw materials, crises that were already in their formative stages before the first Russian boot landed on Ukrainian soil. As the economic effects of lockdowns, travel restrictions and and the vast government borrowings incurred in funding the social measures a  the economic effects are fully manifested, and a record number of people are totally without jobs, homes and food, and we will see serious, unprecedented unrest.

  Though evidence that the scaremongering claims of the political establishment about the transmissibility and deadliness of the virus was available it was suppressed. A natural and uncontrolled experiment on the occupants of cruise ships quarantined in foreign ports when the pandemic was declared demonstrated that COVID was in fact less infectious and less dangerous to those infected than seasonal 'flu. The most revealing of these was study the antarctic cruise study.

Among the passengers and crew, 81% of people who tested positive for C19 were asymptomatic. Among the total on board the ship, 41% test negative, including a number who shared a cabin with people who tested positive. And those results were obtained from the inappropriate PCR test (it cannot be described as discredited as it was not designed to be a diagnostic tool therefore the scientists who recommened it as such are discredited.)

So, this virus is not universally contagious either, as was claimed by the scaremongers. Thus we can say the politicians, bureaucrats and media lies when they said the response measures were 'led by science', the real scientific evidence (i.e. from life rather than mathematical models,) did not point in the direction of lockdowns.

Since we are exiting phase 1 of The Great Reset (epidemic of fear), phase 2 and phase 3 (economic and political crises) are starting to settle in. The damages are piling up and soon so will the law suits. Medical professionals are looking to make sure the damages fall on the politicians and not the health services.

And make no mistake, the politicians and the puppet masters who stand behind the scenery and pull the politicians strings are running scared. They were certain the scam to create a massive panic that would make people so fearful they would accept the creation of an authoritarian world government. And now they can see it has failed, and not only has it failed but the decades long build up to it has so weakened the cohesion of society in the liberal democracies it has emboldened Russian and China to see an opportunity to shift the balance of global military and economic power in their favour. 

How did this happen? you might well ask.

Mainstream media  were too melodramatic, their 'woke' reporters, with a childish fait in the infallibility of The Science and third - rate degrees degrees in journalism are big on learning by rote, short on the life experience from which we learn by osmosis. They know that sensation and celebrity gossip sells tabloids but cannot write for grown up audiences.

Step forward the citizen journalist with varied careers behind us, posting our blogs, investigating, reporting and opining on sites such as Substack, OffGuardian and The Daily Stirrer, rich in life experience and with a healthy disrespect for authority, who are writing reports and articles that actually concur with the readers own experience.

The Powers That Be know the economic and social damage of their power grab  are immense, and nobody among the financial, academic and political elites dares to break ranks and admit they were wrong. The narrative of fear has deliberately NOT been unwound, stories about the horrors of COVID now rub shoulders with stories of the horrors of war. 

Paradoxically, this will worsen the 'long pandemic' effects (pardon the pun,) as those who truly believed will continue to see those whose lives have returned to something like normal as a threat.

Most of the time “it is easier to fool a person than to convince them that they have been fooled.
I was fooled until April, when by chance I saw the Rose-Icke interview, and since then everything in the jigsaw has fallen into place.
Enough is enough, and we in the UK must DEMAND a full independent public inquiry into the actual causes of every case/death relating to Covid-19 (the killer virus that wasn’t).
The incentivized falsification of death certificates is absolutely appalling, we need to examine as SOON as possible the events involving EVERY SINGLE Covid-19 case/death, and if possible examine lung tissue for this mystery “virus” that nobody has identified apart from dubious “tested positive for coronavirus” joke tests (as proven by The President of Tanzania).
There are neither scanning electron microscope photos nor genetic sequencing evidence for a deadly “SARS-like virus”.


While it is becoming obvious to even the most blinkered that the vast majority of deaths related to covid19 are among the elderly and/or already ill, what we are now hearing are scary stories about the non-dead, i.e., healthy young people who were struck down and recovered, but still have aches and pains and fevers months afterwards. The virus apparently continues to circulate through the system so that one day you feel fine and the next you feel awful. The first point to make is that the on-again off-again cycle often happens with a bad dose of flu. Is it worse in the case of covid19? Maybe. Who knows? The same thing goes for permanent lung scarring which can also happen with “normal” pneumonia. The second point is: how truly “healthy” were those seemingly healthy victims? If like most people they were more or less following the government’s nutritional advice, as summed up in the “Eatwell (Eatbadly) Guide,” then they were probably cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner, low fat, low salt, cholesterol is bad, five-a-day, everything pasteurised, occasional vegan burger type of healthy. In which case they would lack all sorts of health-boosting vitamins and minerals including zinc from red meat and raw oysters and it would probably never occur to them to take vitamin D and large doses of vitamin C. I would recommend the Weston Price Foundation site for further information.


Very good points made in the above piece by Kit Knightly. One thing that is clear is that the Covid 19 virus has affected much of the so called democracies of the world – including a few others not so inclined. Who’d have thought that a common cold could wreak such havoc? But one of the things that connects all the epicentres of the infection is ridiculously wealthy ruling classes and supine political classes. I include China in this analysis.
We are faced with a war on the proletariat by an organised globalised ruling class which have systematically destroyed the rights and mechanisms of individuals to collectively organise over the last 50 years or more. I guess there has always been a class struggle to keep the population supine. But now we face a future where the rights of the ordinary person is as valuable as the cannon fodder of previous eras was. Zero value.
One thing that has brought this into clear focus is the Brexit debacle. You will recall the leave agenda of Dum Cummings was” take back control”. We now realise this was a projection of his own psychological problems. He represents a classic obsessive compulsive. A disorder we now see in his recent actions and refusal to recognise his psychosis. With Comrade Boris in tow it morphed into the “Get Brexit done” mantra, which was obviously code for, “Prison Colony UK”. In order to protect the history criminal aristocracy of the City of London.
So I think that the many competing agendas are now in play across the globe as the band of warring brothers [capitalist/oligarchs] tries to usurp the concepts of democracy for their own advantage.
Welcome to the new normal, same as the old normal.


“It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality”. Bingo. It isn’t a stroke with a coincidental runny nose. It isn’t pneumonia as a complication to a cancer treatment. It isn’t an operating table mishap with headache reported the day before. It isn’t old age with a bit of a cough last Christmas. It’s not even flu with complications.
John Lee (Dr), writing at the Spectator, says that the bypassing of the tool of autopsy (ultimately via the Coronavirus Act) has been the key factor in keeping the information under wraps. Pointed references in his piece (about which I am going to do some more work in the next day or so) suggest a precise effort by offices of UK Government to prevent the ruling-out of real Covid-19 in real cases. On the coalface, NHS technicians signing death certificates don’t know Covid-19 from a hole in the ground (although that doesn’t excuse them). And apart from the obscure little bit of truth from the Sun and the Mail (and there might have been something in the Independent too) at the very start of the episode (serving as fair warning), the media – of every variety – won’t get into the issue. No surprises there.
Track and Trace, and the difference between Covid-19 and “from/with coronavirus”


For anyone with a modicum of intelligence the debate about this virus and lockdown is over.
We cannot analyse any data surrounding this debacle as the figures have been skewed and manipulated to such an extent it’s simply impossible to analyse them effectively.
The only way is to look at overall mortality rate for countries that didn’t lockdown as they have no need to inflate their figures.
The scum that is the BBC are attacking Sweden fail to mention that mortality rate in Sweden year to date is exactly the same as last 10 years.
The virus has been independently proven to be as lethal as a mild flu and the lockdown has been an almighty disaster which has destroyed the economy, the health service and the mental health of the country.
We have a small window of opportunity to escape the impending disaster.
The British government must now admit they were wrong and over reacted. Lockdown must be lifted and the economy restarted in full with no social distancing.
Flights must return to normal.
I think we have about a month at the maximum.
But the signs aren’t good. Boris, Sturgeon and co will never publicly admit their complete incompetence and still refer to Ferguson’s discredited computer model.
It doesn’t help that plebs like Piers Morgan, the scum MSM and the Gates funded Sage are still increasing the fear factor.
There is going to be no going back to the way things were.
When furlough ends the devastation this lockdown has caused is going to unravel in a horrifying way.
Closed businesses, millions unemployed, no health service, no social life, no money.
And yet the masses seem completely oblivious to what lies ahead.
When a basic income is introduced and will be a pittance how are people supposed to live?
How are they going to pay their bills and feed their families?
If you politely decline Billy’s vaccine are you going to even get a basic income? My guess is no and you will be viewed as an enemy of the state and not allowed to play any part in society.
The government know this is coming and so do people who have the ability to think for themselves.
Is it any wonder the government are desperate to censor anyone exposing the official narrative. Truth is their enemy.
But the truth will come out as it always does.
Why do you think 77 Brigade have really been drafted in to support the government?
There will be anarchy on the streets and the army and police will be there to enforce the will and protect the government.
Orwell 1984 was a warning to us all and the majority have failed to take notice.


The avalanche of posts this morning yelling ‘conspiracy’ has been an eye-opener. It causes me to wonder what these people would say if we all sat back and let tyranny run its course. Would they sigh, ‘who could possibly have seen it coming?‘. No, because they’d be too busy celebrating tyranny.
How so? The politics of envy. The deep, satisfying appeal of schadenfreude. Dig to the root of politics, whether you examine stump speeches or Twitter rants or read deeply on the Soviet purges or the red scares, the neighbors turned in to the NKVD, the cooperation of the Amsterdam police with the invading Nazis, conservatives attacking the ‘undeserving poor’ or socialist demands to cut down tall poppies, the burning of black towns during Reconstruction, and the very selective application of the concept of racism by people who tout their modern liberalism, exposed by Dr Shiva Ayyadurai
It’s the appeal to envy in every case. Like the economists who tested the actual basis of schadenfreude and found that many people would prefer their rival suffered a pay cut to getting more money themselves.
Tyranny thrives on envy. One of the least bloody yet most demonic acts of the Bolsheviks was to ban anyone whose ancestors had been landowners from receiving any more than a kindergarten education.
Expect politicians to set classes against each other as they deflect blame for the chaos caused by Event Covid. Be alert to the rise of tyranny that thrives on visceral envy dressed up as equity and justice. Robespierre’s “swift, severe, indomitable justice” or Dzerzhinsky’s “organized terror… on the basis of their class affiliation or of their pre-revolutionary roles.” How would you have behaved if you’d been there and not reading it in the history books?
“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family?
If, if… We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
It is widely commented that what begins as foreign policy becomes domestic. The fusion techniques of military, economic and social suppression that was the Phoenix Program in Vietnam eventually came home to cities in the United States.
Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, “The three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”
In the hands of people who lack historical knowledge and moral perspective, the operational security that begins with Brzezinski could end with Dzerzhinsky. That is why will continue connecting the dots and be vocal about any policy or technology that could be used for tyranny, even while others yell “conspiracy theorist”.
More here:


Oh, some say it is an danger, of course it is, nobody have denied that, the denile is about everything else, bitches, they where arrested with their pants down, and even I am surpriced since I read an recomandation from the very same FHI (peoples health inst. an Vaccine pimp and a RockerFella org) that the MSM used initially, but now is been pushed into the shadows and I didnt read in our MSM at all and our MSM keeps the line they have had since the begining of this eh… pidemic, fear and looting, and claims they do this for the benefit of us all, yeah, giving tax cuts to the elite and that is taken from the poor, to ugh…. ballance the budget, right, nice to be regarded as an humanistic social demoCrautic nation, and whom to blame, nazis, uh… facism, whiteass racists, anyone, yeah, there is an reason I never bother to debate those that uses consensusses when they explain certain issues, nazism, well, to me, it just show how deeply the propaganda have been saturating the west, to such an extent that even talking about it makes watching paint dry far more intresting than waisting time on education of people whom either dont know jack shit or is doing this to divert the present talking points regarding this sham called an epidemic.
I dont have an PhD in Medicine, but I have an shit long list of corporate exprience and educated enough, to know the difference between bullshit and shinnola, and have owned tons of books, literally, and can smel bollocks from an mile away, that, is what made the difference and on top of it, I benefit absolutelly nothing from this rants at all, I even deliberatly stay annon, because of years of comenting, and I have stepped on more toes than most of you can imagine and have had the Norwegian Intel of Police in my house at least 2 times, the last time some shoot my cat with an electro shock gun, fried an deep hole in his body.
I know perfectly whom and why, but skips that for now, because they know who I am and I am genuine, not even armed, and above all, since I am annon I dont need to lie, if I dont know much I keep my moth shut, since there are plenty of things I dont know anything about, just a little about most, but not everything.
HasbaRats is my speciality, been up against them for years, and they stil linger, like pimps on our asses, the reason for me to belive God indeed have humor.
Anoying, but a part of everything else, so we have to live with creeps, and I have stopped feeding them or letting me be provocated by them years ago, now they are just riddicilous, not even anoying, just laughable, and do continue, I never talk about cencure, I am an fundemantalist hard core spokes person for never cencure at all, we have to deal with this, one way or the other, live with them and eventually they give up, because people will learn, those that just read and not comment, they will see that, the fact we can beat them in every way consivable in basically everything.
This “counter” bitches, is like some of the links below, attacks based upon using the official narrative as the only truth, and builds their cases/debunking on that, like some rightwinged, another word meaning jack shit since we all are rightwinged to commie loving CCP bitches, even managed to debunk the Palestinian people, an insane level of total bullshit, but when it comes to the banana republic, everything goes, and in Norway, the itchy bitchy banana republic, we had just a day ago an article about Palestinians are anti-semits and jew hates because they didnt want the ISISraeli Gov to anex the West-bank, yeah, bad, bad Palestinians.
I think you get the drift. But do indeed engage if you want, it may help you to hoon your own argumentation, when you know the oposit will do whatever they can to divert or dilute the debate, its an crash course in argumentation techs, the reason for me years ago to go for the, hehe, shock and awe, maybe to profanity laced, but to me, the goal justifyed the means and to day I dont need that anymore, just beat them to pulp with facts, more than enough as we all see even down in the comentary field in this atricle alone.
I think I am done now, the case is ripped open, what comes next is what will define our reality, and I dont like any of it so far, the cencure is all encompasing and the MSM is getting more and more detached from reality and is going in for an totalitarianism I never belived just half an year ago, not its glearingly obvious, of course except fot the Brigade scums and their vassals and comrades in other nations, incl Unite 8200, and their usual pack of drooling idiots, witch is the one calling us for conspiracy uh.. freaks, again I dont even care, let them drool, it simply means nothing anymore.
And since we are after all, civilised, have an nice day, even in Tel-aviv and take care.
May I stand unshaken.


‘The Necessary Lie’ is the mask against a damning reality – or more accurately – the mask against a feared truth.
Feared truth is ultimately an oxymoron or self-contradiction. The masking of the inner from the outer is the action or event of self differentiation – from within which chicken and egg, or cause and effect each generate each other.
The pattern of Self-evasion masks as one of discovery and dominion – running as possession and control. We are all in this apart-ness, as the very sense of self in threat of lack-driven needs.
The lockdown has a quality that I associate with the ego – in telling reality to do what it is already doing.
In that I mean that the fraud of a corrupted Economy is in any case crashing – but the manual or narrative management of this is the intent to control its contraction to the maintaining of the controllers – who are insiders to the corruptions that spread through the whole by design.
I hold that Resets are part of the way life works – as periods of compression in which contradictory elements can no longer be held and choices have to be made. I argue that simplifying to qualities of life would address what we truly share the need for being. Felt qualities of life are primary needs that rational quantifications rule out, and render as systemic data – such as healthcare service provision – (sic). However fear of pain of loss is lockdown and masked off from all higher conscious function and can only sacrifice or limit and contract towards ‘survival’ as FEAR-defined controls.
There is no love in it – and this simply means it is unworkable and destructive to life – no matter what masking of fear as ‘authoritative’.
How then to address the fear that HAS been invoked or summoned from the deep of ancient conditionings? This is what is ongoing as the masking of the self-evasion in ‘new’ clothes as everything shifts to overt and authoritatively sanctioned fear – and guilt – as our biological predicate – against which a new manually overriding bio-tech god must draw off our remaining funds, resources and allegiances to ‘protect us’?
The pretext is a virus, but the predicate is fear.
Anyone researching virus or germ theory will discover … For the full post see


The whole world does a thing that 12 months ago everyone here would have sworn was *impossible*, and 99% of you here swear it is just some innocent mistake or a ‘co-incidence’. How well groomed you all are- you certainly do fulfill the description ‘off-guardian’ in so far as you are really just the typical Guardian readers, just with some little grudge against the management there.
Knightly writes with by far the best clarity here, in so far as he admits the truth of what he witnesses. Sadly obvious conclusions never follow his very accurate observations.
The biggest problem is like I keep repeating- how would be opponents are groomed to see the world from bottom up. Less able thinkers *think* this is the scientific method, and that top down, lacking direct evidence and requiring circumstantial evidence, cannot be ‘scientific’? This is completely incorrect logic, but matches the fact that many think that circumstantial evidence is not really valid in a criminal trial.
Much real science involves exploring ‘black boxes’ where you cannot directly observe the ‘mechanism’ within.
Our world has ended- by which I mean the world we grew up with in the West. The *real* trolls on this site (the ones calling others ‘trolls’) need you not to believe this, and instead to hold on to the fairytale that everything will revert back to ‘normal’. They are literally buying time for their masters.
There is *nothing* funny about Human Slavery, the mass murder of WW2 or what is happening today to our planet. So who are these people telling you to deface the vanishing few forums actually discussing this issue with ‘funny’ or ‘amusing’ content- even in the worst times there’s a place for happiness and laughter, but that place is not where the grown-ups are analysing the horrors that are happening around them.
The SARS2 false-flag has had perfect execution. A false flag is when you do a thing for strategic effect, and then claim the thing had a different cause (China, nature, whatever). I see a handful of individuals call out the false-flag, most with a background in the biowarefare biz. Sites like this never do, sadly- sites like this still buy 90%+ of the official narrative.
Where the deep state has to allow its best experts to talk to try to keep them mostly onboard, we get the undisputable *facts* Kit has partially listed above. People like Kit say “but you said this and this and this, so how can you allow misunderstandings by lower level politicians to drive social policy?”. I say “what a stupid question”.
The people at the very top (a Hitler, Ghengis Khan or Blair) tend to be very smart. *But* being satanic, they need thickie malicious brutes lower down the power pyramid to ‘misinterpret’ the words of their master in order to carry out truly satanic acts the top guy has to distance himself from, to keep the sheeple worshipping the boss.
So WHO experts and UK gov experts (not the useful idiots brought in just to sell the SARS2 lies) said masks for the healthy were the worst idea in the world- and this information is the hard science published. But lower down the chain are a sea of political enforcers pushing face masks on the sheeple, using ‘science’ as the excuse.
Kit Knightly asks the terminally naive question of how the same authority that agrees face masks are bad can allow its lower atoms to force face masks on people by law. I mean he hasn’t asked this question, but his articles all essentially pose this form of puzzlement.
The *conclusion* is this is how power works- this is why psy-ops exist- this is why my form of comment comes under specific attack. I look at the facts and then draw obvious conclusions. Weeks before anyone in Britain knew what was coming, I was able to tell people in my inner circle that life for the ordinary brit was about to change for *generations*. I am no prophet- I merely tracked the explosion of control propaganda on social media that preceeded this false-flag- simple stats tracking a trend the like of which I’d never before witnessed in my life. *That* is the scientific method.
The Mongols went from ill-educated brutes to masters of the world for one reason- because they used the existing social systems, namely the military and social control systems, of their neighbours. There does *not* have to be a ‘great conspiracy’ as brigade77 preaches. The vast majority of the existing machine is ‘neutral’ and will do whatever the boss says, even when the new boss in a mongol warlord. They are not ‘true believers’, but drones trained to do one task each.
Team Blair needs far fewer *aware* people actively on board with the SARS2 false-flag than you’d ever imagine. The rest of it is simply using existing machinery in each nation. But as the false-flag progresses, atoms are drawn to the tight power structure at the top- essential new recruits who understand there in a NWO, and want to be part of the winning team.
The mongols recruited tens of thousands of *foreign* high level enforcers and generals this way, magnifying their early power exponentially. Ultimate satanic evil pulls a lot of really bad people out of the woodwork. Team Blair’s grip on the planet, already unprecedented, grows daily because of this phenomenon.
Like SARS2 ‘scare’, eugenics was built on a mountain of pseudo-science, rejected by all first rate scientists at the turn of the 20th Century. But eugenics would remian a dominant scientific ‘principle’ in most nations til well beyond the end of WW2. There is *science* and then there’s the common (mis)understanding of ‘science’ that controls the minds of the sheeple.

COVID19: W.H.O. Admit Everything We Told You Is Bollocks …

Doctor Claims COVID is Blood Coagulation Disorder

from Davic Icke, 17 July 2020

The Corona Effect

In relation to viruses is a phrase used by naturopathic practitioner Dr. Robert Young, whose research shatters the official coronavirus narrative. Young has recently been outspoken in his quest to alert people to the real nature and cause of COVID. Via his blog and various interviews (here, here and here), Young has been revealing that COVID not associated with any virus, but rather is associated pathological blood coagulation due to toxicity. Some of this toxicity is introduced right into your bloodstream via vaccines, however there are many causes of it. He views COVID as a biochemical poisoning of bodily fluids causing cellular breakdown and genetic mutation. He claims COVID symptoms are first and foremost circulatory problems. He also connects COVID to the acidity/alkalinity level inside the body. The corona effect (which I wrote briefly about in Deep Down the Virus Rabbit Hole – Question Everything) shows deformed red blood cells which indicate oxygen deprivation and radiation poisoning. What is going here? Let’s take a closer look.

Polio was Not Caused by a Virus Polio, and COVID is Not Caused by a Virus Either

Before we get into COVID, let’s go back in time a little. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it, as the saying from George Santayana goes. Humanity has gone though similar pandemics in the past, but were we always told the full truth about what caused them? In this article, Young exposes how polio was not cause by a virus, despite popular belief, but was actually caused by poisoning from the pesticide DDT. Remember too that the cancer-causing monkey virus SV-40 (Simian Virus 40) was found in all polio vaccines administered to Americans up until around 1963. Young writes:
“I am suggesting in this article that there are significant findings based on historical and past and current research, including my own research that the theory of Polio and possibly other modern-day diseases, such as Post-Polio Syndrome, Polio Vaccine-Induced Paralysis, Legionnaires, CNS disease, Cancer and AIDS may be caused by acidic chemical poisoning from DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) and other related DDT pesticides, acidic vaccinations, and other factors including lifestyle and dietary factors rather than from a lone infectious Poliovirus.”
“Farr’s Law requires, for an epidemic to be a valid example of contagion, that the epidemic increase its incidence rates exponentially. Since polio has been ubiquitous since the beginning of human history, its incidence rate should have peaked long ago and universal immunity conferred, if immunity was ever required, and if the poliovirus was actually a predator.”
“The non-funded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics.”
Likewise, Young believes there is no virus that causes COVID.

According to Dr. Young, COVID = Pathological Blood Coagulation

As I have previously stated, when it comes to COVID, there is not 1 virus, not 1 cause and not 1 disease. Part of the psy-op is to convince you that there is a single killer virus out there, and that if we could just find and isolate this virus, we could destroy it and rescue the world from this dreaded pandemic. It’s an illusion.
Young reveals that what the WHO has called “COVID” is a biochemical poisoning of bodily fluids causing cellular membrane breakdown and genetic mutation. This means deterioration of cell membranes, due to a toxic environment, created due to a compromised bioterrain (see here for the background on bio terrain, and the importance of terrain theory over germ theory). COVID is not a viral condition. COVID symptoms are circulatory problems that stem from pathological blood coagulation. In technical medical terms, this coagulation (lumping and sticking together of red blood cells) is known as DIC or Disseminated Intervascular Coagulation. Blood coagulation means the blood changes from a liquid to a gel or semi-solid state, forming a blood clot. This can be potentially dangerous, because when blood coagulates or clots, it can get stuck and prevent blood flow. In this state the blood does not fully and freely intake oxygen and release waste products. When blood clots, it can’t enter the capillary system to facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Young stresses that blood coagulation signals:
1. the inability of the blood to remove its waste products and pick up oxygen; and
2. that the blood is clotting inside the vascular system, so that acids can not be removed and thus accumulate, leading to toxic overload and disease.
People suffering from this kind of pathological blood coagulation will experience oxygen deprivation (hypoxia or under oxygenation). They will likely feel short of breath and have symptoms identical to high altitude sickness. Not coincidentally, this is exactly in line with what Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell from New York said when he went public months ago (during the peak of COVID fear) to tell the world about how his patients seemed to be suffering not from a viral pneumonia, but from altitude sickness.

What is the Corona Effect?

In his April 7th 2020 post entitled The Truth About Corona and How To Prevent and/or Reverse the “Corona Effect”, Young defines what he calls the corona effect:
“The “Corona Effect” is the oxidation of the cellular membrane and genetic mutations which gives rise to cellular pleomorphism or biological transformation and the appearance of “crowning”, “spiking” and “knobing” projections as the microzymas or anatomical indestructible matter changes its form and its function.”
Corona is the Latin word for crown, so Young is using it to describe the spiky nature of these microzymas, exosomes or tiny particles which are budding and offshooting from the cells. Again, if you haven’t already, I suggest you read my article Deep Down the Virus Rabbit Hole – Question Everything for the background to the true nature of viruses, exosome theory and much more, since it will explain a lot of this. Young continues:
“These biological transformations of the body cells [are] the genesis of all bacteria, all yeast, all mold, all bacteriophages, all endotoxins or cell fragments, exotoxins and mycotoxins or metabolic acidic waste. The cause of pleomorphism or cellular transformations of the body cells affecting the cell membrane and its genetic matter is the result of an acidic lifestyle including diet. The disturbing contributing factors include all electrical and magnetic fields (EMF 1G to 5G), all acidic foods, all acidic fluids, all environmental toxins, including carbon monoxide, all insecticides, pesticides and herbicides found in non-organic foods (i.e., glyphosate), all acidic water (pH below 7.4), all acidic legend drugs including all antibiotics and drugs that contain HCL, all recreational drugs including marijuana (THC is an oxidant), all acidic supplements including all enzymes, all probiotics, all algae, all mushrooms, or all acidic supplements and foods, all acidic thoughts, all acidic feelings and all acidic beliefs.
This is the one cause of ALL sickness and disease and there is no other cause. Once again, the one sickness and one disease is the over-acidification of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium due to an inverted way of living, eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling and believing.”
Young then makes the startling claim that viruses do not exist. This is a little different from what others such as virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr. Andy Kaufman have said (namely that viruses exist but that there is no evidence they cause disease):
“All viruses DO NOT EXIST and therefore do NOT cause infections. All infections are born in us and from us and are outfections of the cell due to an acidic fluid environment.”
Young is strong believer in terrain theory over germ theory: that we are ultimately entirely responsible for our state of health, and that we only procure disease when we allow our inner terrain to become acidic, not only through bad food, but through a host of other possible means, including even our habitual feelings and thoughts, which have a tremendous yet often misunderstood and ignored biochemical effect on our bodies.
Young mentions how appearance of HIV and “COVID”/SARS-CoV-2 are identical to the appearance of an exosome. He also emphasizes that toxic insults like vaccines can cause blood clots (see here for list of top 10 vaccine ingredients and adjuvants, and here for a list of top 10 reasons never to vaccinate) – which are the same thing as blood coagulation.

Corona Effect: COVID is Acidic Poisoning

Young talks about how COVID is acidic poisoning: carbon dioxide poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, methane poisoning, lactic acid poisoning, uric acid poisoning, etc. He talks about how the largest organ of the human body is the interstitium, not the skin. The interstitium is a contiguous fluid-filled space existing between a structural barrier, such as a cell wall or the skin, and internal structures, such as organs, including muscles and the circulatory system. The interstitium is the dumping ground for metabolic waste products from the cells. Then it goes to the lymphatic fluid to be eliminated from the body. Young mentions how the body has 3 main types of fluids – intervascular fluids (fluids in the blood), intercellular fluids (fluids inside the cells) and interstitial fluids (fluids in the interstitium, surrounding the cells, which account for 50-60% of all body’s fluids). If doctors regularly tested the interstitial fluids (not just the intervascular fluids) during diagnosis, they would become aware of the deeper cause of disease, and also become aware of the ineffectiveness of Big Pharma medicines (petrochemical pills).

So What is the Solution?

As Dr. Kyle-Sidell said, giving ventilators to people with these symptoms and conditions is not helpful. In fact, it’s making things worse, because the ventilators have excessive pressure which can lead to blowing people’s lungs out and killing them. Other whistleblowers, such as New York nurse Erin Marie Olszewski, have stated that COVID patients were being killed with ventilators. The problem is not a lack of oxygen per se, but rather the inability of the body to actually intake that oxygen.
Young stresses that it makes no sense to ventilate someone with DIC. More oxygen won’t help, because the problem is in the blood; it can’t fully take in the O2 and get rid of waste products like CO2. The solution is to increase systemic circulation, alkalize the interstitial fluids and open up pathways so cells can function properly. Incidentally, he mentions that the reason hydroxychloroquine has been apparently working for many COVID patients is because it raises blood pH, thus bringing much need alkalinity to the patient’s blood. Young writes:
“There is only one treatment and that one treatment will restore health, vitality and energy to the organism (human or animal) by restoring the alkaline design of all body fluids, including the interstitial fluids that flow through every body cell that makes up every organ, gland and tissue …”

Final Thoughts

COVID is a wake up call for all of us. It is time to look deeply at the base assumptions we have taken for granted about health, medicine, the body, disease, viruses, bacteria and much more. Hopefully the world can use this crisis, manufactured as it is, to re-examine the fundamentals, so we can emerge from this less susceptible to fear, anxiety and propaganda, and more assured of our own power in our capacity to be fully in charge of our own health.
Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit.
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