Saturday, 13 March 2021

UK's Vaccine Success Story - It's Bollocks, Uptake Is A Fraction Of Wat Politicians And Media Claim

The narrative currently being played on a loop by government and mainstream media is that the UK's COVID vaccine effort has been an ourtanding success. But is everything as it seems? Notablyglobalist, absent from mainstrean news, from political press conferences and from the opinions spouted by "experts" has been any mention of the numbers of people declining the vaccine or of the numbers dying in a matter of hours or days after receiving one or other of the approved vaccines.

Is COVID vaccine acceptance was actually at the high numbers touted? Of course the answer is that all of these fakes are being used because in fact there is not much acceptance and they know it, so they are dragging out approaches that may have worked in the past but are increasingly failing as people become more aware. Soon we’ll realize that we could kill all the politicians and their media lackeys and do without most of what has been lately called government. Somewhere in their tiny souls they are very scared.

Unofficial sources suggest that the numbers who have been injected are lower – perhaps a lot lower – than these globalist criminals running the UK under Bill Gates’ orders are claiming. Wistleblowers inside the NHS have revealed that around 25% of NHS workers are declining the vaccine and leaks from some regional bodies say that of the first groups to be offfered vaccines, the very old and highly vulnerable, up to 20% have refused. I know that at age 72 I was offered the vaccine in late January, weeks before the 70 - 75 age group should have been offered it, which suggests that somehow there was a lot of slack in the system.

The NHS claimed in a recent article that 92% of the UK population have a positive opinion of the ‘vaccines’ – despite the fact that even the totally controlled UK media have reported that 25% of NHS workers are refusing the ‘vaccines’.

We are now in a world of such saturation disinformation that none of us outside the Kleptocracy that runs all Western governments can have the slightest clue of what is true, and what is false. While governments, academics, Big Tech and mainstream media would have us believe they are working together to clamp down on COVID vaccine misinformation but is is clear to anybody with eyes, ears and more brain cells than they have tits or testicles, (as the case may be,) that these groups have been the major sources of misinformation.

A good rule of thumb for decidinging for ourselves what is god and bad information, with all mass media being run by the globalists criminals who are running the Coronavirus and vaccine scams, is to assume (as the citizens of the Soviet Union used to) that whatever the media and the government said about anything – you should assume that the exact opposite is true.

The hapless Gates Foundation puppet Hancock is currently threatening to make it illegal for NHS doctors and nurses to refuse their fake ‘vaccines’, simultaneously his fellow Gates puppets running the French government are making exactly the same threats against French health workers.The threats are empty, the bluster of bullies, nothing more. It is illegal under international law and the human rights treaties signed by all major nations to compel anyone to be injected, or subjected to any medical procedure against their will – and even the European Council (amazingly) has very strongly stated that compulsion to take the ‘vaccines’ is illegal.

But breaking international law wouldn’t bother the globalist criminals running UK, French, and all other major nations' govrnments at all so long as they were sure that doctors and nurses would obey the diktat. Once the scaremongering propaganda has done its job it would not matter if governments made it illegal to refuse the ‘vaccines’, sacking the few holdouts would merely give the impression that governmens had to protect us from dissidents in our own societies.

But in view of the numbers of health workers (who, it must be said are more aware of the risk to benefit ratio that most people,) refusing these untested, experimental vaccines, the powers that be are terrified that many doctors and nurses would refuse point-blank – and if word of that got out, then even the media-brainwashed sheep population might start to get twitchy – and might wonder if the ‘conspiracy theorists’ might actually be right (we are usually proved right in the long term,) – and (unthinkable for most of them) their own government are actually a gang of criminals conspiring against the very people they were elected to serve – which of course they are.

So, they wheel out the Queen, who dares to claim that people refusing the fake ‘vaccines’ are ‘selfish’ when even the corrupt and crooked Big Pharma companies do not claim that their ‘vaccines’ prevent the virus spreading or will even prevent the virus from infecting vaccinated people how the hell could refusing the virus be ‘selfish’? Vaccine propaganda has always claimed that everybody must be vaccinated in order to protect the vaccinated from being infected by the non vaccinated. This is bollocks of course

If these ‘vaccines’ work as the crooks controlling the governments and media claim, i.e. they confer on vaccinated people immunity to the disease, and they are, as politicians, science tits (sic) claim, “95% effective” then people who have been injected have no reason to worry about people not getting injected, do they? And we who refuse the vaccine, usually the more intelligent and independent minded, become ill and die we have made our own choice - no comebacks.

The conspiracy that the entire establishments of all Western countries are signed up to – run by Bill Gates, who has been planning the ‘Corona crisis’ along with the WEF, the WHO and the United Nations for years (for evidence see his various TED talks or search ' Bill gates, next pandemic,') – illustrates the devastating truth that even if by some miracle these crooks running all establishments and the Corona and vaccine scams were unmasked and overthrown the only way chaos could be avoided is by a return to the benign nationalism of The Westphalian System.

But despite 65 years of combined efforts to undermine national cohesion and ensure no grass roots movement could emerge to restore order following the collapse of globalism, deep down national cutures and national identities are strong.

And that is why they, those who have forgotten or ignore where the power really is, that is to say it is from the people, are idiots, since it is a definite possibility that most people will sooner or later realize that their “governments” are their enemies, control freaks who hate and fear freedom and inividual rights, and are only interested in implementing policies obstructive freedom and prosperity.

Perhaps it is time we banded together to say “off with their heads”? As the UK sitcom character Alf Garnett once said, "You can't have proper democracy withough shooting a few people."


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