Monday 20 March 2017

ET Phone Home - The Science Of Wasting Taxpayers' Money

We are alone in the universe: Professor Brian Cox (the BBC's scientific Jack - in - a Box) says alien life is all but impossible and humanity is 'unique' The biological process which lead to intelligent life on earth was a fluke that is unlikely to have been repeated anywhere else in the universe, claims Cox. Well that will upset a few of those clowns at NASA who've been poncing off US taxpayers for years by duping politicians with fantasies about finding life on distant planets.

The presenter and scientist blames a series of 'evolutionary bottlenecks' for the lack of extraterrestrial life on other planets, despite there being a mind bogglingly vast number of them in the galaxy. Humanity miraculously overcame them in a chance binding of two single cells merging somewhere in the mists of time, he said.

'There is only one advanced technological civilisation in this galaxy and there has only ever been one - and that's us. We are unique. It's a dizzying thought. There are billions of planets out there, surely there must have been a second genesis? But we must be careful because the story of life on this planet shows that the transition from single-celled life to complex life may not have been inevitable.'

He made the claims in an episode of BBC's Human Universe, adding that yet another freak occurrence - the meteor which wiped out the dinosaurs - allowed mammals and ultimately humanity to dominate the planet. On the subject of the genesis of complex life, he added: 'We still struggle to understand how this happened. It's incredibly unusual.

Princeton University astrophysicists Dr Timothy Brandt and Dr David Spiegel in a paper called 'Prospects for detecting oxygen, water and chlorophyll on an exo-Earth.' say that it might be possible to detect signatures of water, oxygen and chlorophyll on an alien planet.

According to Brandt, Spiegel and many NASA scientists who support their work, altogether a bunch of con artists who have been poncing off taxpayers by presenting unverifiable theories as facts for far too long, one hundred million worlds in our galaxy alone are able to host alien life, according to a 'conservative' estimate. Quite where they get that figure from is unclear, which suggests they thought of a number, doubled it, multiplied by ten, added thirty seven, squared the result and subtracted the number they first thought of - or something.

The space agency also claims that we will be able to find that extra - terrestrial life within the next 20 years, with a high chance it will be outside our solar system. Let's just put that into perspective: the nearest 'might be' planet (we have no evidence a planet exists, the guesses and assumptions are based on electromagnetic waves emanating from that vicinity) is forty light years away, which I think most people will understand to mean it takes light, travelling at 300,000 Km (186,000 miles per SECOND)forty years to reach earth.

If we had a space ship that could travel at just one tenth of the speed of light or eighteen thousand six hundred miles per second, it would take four hundred years to reach this might be planet on which life, or conditions capable of supporting life MIGHT (just might, you must understand) exist. At the time of writing our fastest spaceship is capable of achieving slightly less that ten miles per second going downhill with a following solar wind. When I say going downhill, what I mean because obviously there are no hills in space, is travelling towards the sun and therefore getting a little help from its gravitational pull.

In spite of this being common knowledge, the research grant phishing wannabe space explorer community are still touting exploration of distant planets as a real possibility within the foreseeable future. During a public talk in July in Washington, the space agency outlined a roadmap to search for life in the universe using a number of current and future radio telescopes (so not life then but electromagnetic radiation that could in fact signal almost anything because everything in the universe gives of electromagnetic radiation.

'Do we believe there is life beyond Earth?' said former astronaut and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden during a talk in Washington. 'I would venture to say that most of my colleagues here today say it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone.'

These star gazing scientists are looking for planets which have the same chemical signature as us, but who says life has to be carbon based? Brandt and Spiegel's research makes some bold statements but relies heavily on flawed evidence and a somewhat cavalier approach to scientific rigour in reaching its conclusions. It's a surprise that Brian Cox is so sceptical about their claims, he's usually very excieable when topics like visiting distant galaxies or colonising Mars come up so for him to make such a statement means we might as well give up all space program's because what's the point, when there is no realistic evidence to suggest anything other than that we live in a dust bowl universe with no other intelligent life

There may be life out there,but intelligent life?, The Serarch for Extras Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) lab based in California (where else) has been searching for over sixty years has found no evidence of intelligent life. As demonstrated with very simple arithmetic above, humankind will not be leaving planet earth's solar system anytime soon, no matter what Brian Cox may say about new space ship propulsion systems that will compress space ahead of and stretch it behind the vehichle thus making travel at the speed of light possible (well it works in Star Trek) travelling at even one hundredth of the speed of light is way beyond our reach, so I suggest we stop funding fantasy science and concentrate on putting right this world, the only one currently available to us, which is a big ask.

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